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Company Profile

Our Asia Oracle was founded in 2011. It is a foundation construction Engineering which was established in Yangon. The company is commited to the Geotechanical Engineering. The main projects include foundation and excavation services , piling service, construction service and heavy machinery rental service.

Total staff number

There are about 50 employees in our company which are divided into six departments. These groups are Admin/HR department, Engineering Department , Marketing Department , Accounting Department , Finance Department , Machinery Department .

Our Business

  • Foundation and Excavation work
  • Piling work (sheet pile , spun pile, Rail pile , Bored pile, Mini bored , Augar (Dry piling) , Jack-in-pile(Press Pile) , vibro-replacement stone pile.)
  • Construction service
  • Heavy machinery rental service

Business Items

  • Foundation Engineering
  • Earthwork Excavation and transportation Engineering
  • Construction Engineering